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Social Media

Provide instant access to your latest social media posts by displaying your company feed directly on your website. 
Facebook Feed
Display posts, photos and videos from Facebook on your website to increase your website visitor's engagement, turn them into Facebook followers and strengthen your brand reputation.
Instagram Feed
Add posts from your Instagram account or by hashtag to your website to increase visitor engagement, increase trust and attract more instagram followers.
Tumblr Feed
Showcase your posts from Tumblr network with a Tumblr Feed on your website for better user engageement, raise social trust and build a greater community around your business.
TikTok feed
Get TikTok content on your website and boost your website visitor engagement. Strengthen your personal brand by showing endorsements improving your reputation.
Twitter Feed
Embed tweets from your profile or by hashtag with a responsive Twitter feed. Increase engagement on your site, get more new followers and retweets and earn higher trust with testimonial Tweets.
Pinterest Feed
Integrate pins and board from your pinterest account on your website. Raise visitor engagement on your website, create theme collections of photos and grow followers on Pinterest.
VK Feed
Present your posts from with a VK Feed on your websites. Strengthen the engagement of your audience and draw more new website visitors.
Facebook comments
Give your audience an easy way to comment on your content via Facebook. Let them comment, reply and Like your articles to increase engagement on your site.


Display positive reviews from credible, trusted review sites directly on your website.
Airbnb reviews
Share the best reviews about your properties on Airbnb. Increase social trust through showing real client reviews, increase bookings by showing excellent ratings and receive more positive reviews.
Google reviews
Embed reviews on your place from Google right on your site to elevate trustworthiness by showing real clients' reviews and provide a link to allow clients to leave new reviews.
Facebook reviews
Display reviews from your Facebook page on your site and increase trust by showing real people's reviews and provide a way for more positive reviews to be collected.
Amazon reviews
Share reviews about books or other artifacts you've sold via Amazon, strengthening belief in your brand, increasing trustworthiness and building your reputation.
Yelp reviews
Display the reviews on your services from Yelp, increasing social trust by showing reliable customer feedback from a well-known business review platform whose reputation is trusted by a huge number of people.
Present positive reviews from the prominent business platform whose influence is trusted by lots of people to elevate bookings to your sites. reviews
Display positive reviews on your place from to increase social trust by showing real client reviews, boost bookings by boasting your excellent ratings and encourage more positive reviews.
Display customer testimonials on your website to level up your website credibility, make your business more trustworthy and inspire investors to get involved and have the same great investing experience.
Trustpilot reviews
Display client reviews from Trustpilot on your site to uplevel social trust and attract more investors and encourage more reviews through providing instant access to your Trustpilot page.
Tripadvisor reviews
Show reviews from Tripadvisor on your places to increase social proof, raise trust, increase confidence in your brand and lift sales of your rental properties.
Instagram Testimonials
Let Instagram testimonials increase trust in your brand by showing positive investor experiences from real investors in order to grow trust amongst potential investors.
Houzz reviews 
Raise trustworthiness of your testimonials using a recognized business platform whose respectability is trusted by lots of people.

Online Chat

Communication and openness is key to build building trust. Make it easy to get in contact with you.
Facebook Messenger
Provide a seamless, effortless way for visitors to reach you through your website.  This faster and more targeted method of communication, demonstrates your williness to communicate to investors.
Telegram Chat
Give your audience the option to get in touch with you on Telegram. Let visitors easily and immediately get in touch with you and receive answers to all their questions.
Whatsapp Chat
Be quick and simple to contact. Let users easily and immediately get in touch with you and receive answers to all their questions regarding your business and the investment opportunities you present.
Viber chat
Let users message you on Viber directly from your website. By providing an instant and handy method for the audience to send their questions to you via your website you demonstrate your williness to communicate openly.

Visual & audio

If you're producing video and audio content, we'll get it front and centre on your website.
YouTube Gallery
Display your YouTube channel and videos directly on your website to increase visitor engagement. Show video tutorials, promotional videos, reviews and testimonials and turn visitors into leads.
Podcast Player
Let users play your podcast show directly from your site, with a beautiful podcast player that offers your latest episode and access to your back catalog.
Vimeo Gallery
Display your Vimeo playlists on your website -  select the best videos, and make your website content catch the eyes and engage every visitor.  Tell users more about your proposition, provide tutorials and reviews that will help business promotion.
Audio Player
Embed an audio player for people to listen, buy and download your audio tracks from your website. Provide audio books, or audio version of your blog post to diversify content.


We can add additional functionality to your site as required. Need something you don't see?  Just let us know!
File embed
Allow people to view and download any kind of document. Share propectuses, technical documents, specifications, instructions and let users get a better knowledge of your business.
PDF embed
Let people view and download PDF files right from your website. Display prospectuses, technological documentation, specifications, instructions and let users acquire a better understanding of your business.
Anticipate your clients’ questions and eliminate investor doubts pre-emptively on your website. Provide your customers with the answers they are looking for before they asked for them and eliminate any obstacles on their way to investing.
Before and after slider
Showcase how you property looks before and after your refurb by allowing user to slide between two images. e.g. Show a comparrison of how the bathroom before refit, where the user slides the image to see the completed refit.

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